Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Flourish Fiber from the Farm?

Flourish flour is an all-purpose wheat flour made from a select non-GMO variety of high fiber wheat. It’s a great tasting, better-for-you flour that tastes and bakes just as great as your traditional all-purpose flour.

What are the advantages of Flourish flour?

Flourish flour delivers an excellent source of prebiotic fiber in an easy to use all-purpose flour. It has all the fiber of a whole wheat flour with the look, taste, and texture of an all-purpose flour. Now, you can bake your way to digestive health by using our better-for-you flour in your favorite recipes.

How much fiber is in Flourish flour?

Flourish high fiber wheat flour contains more than five times the amount of fiber found in traditional flour. By substituting Flourish flour for your traditional flour, you’re adding 6g of fiber, per serving, to your favorite recipes so you can feel good about indulging in those chocolate chip cookies or homemade sourdough!

Why is fiber important?

Only 5% of Americans consume the recommended daily amounts of fiber, as determined by the FDA. In fact, most of us get only half of the daily value — creating a significant nutritional gap! Lacking dietary fiber can contribute to negative health effects like diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, and colon cancer. Regular fiber intake has been linked to steadying blood sugar levels, supporting immune system health, maintaining a healthy microbiome, and providing anti-inflammatory effects.

Is Flourish high fiber wheat flour genetically modified?

No, Flourish is not genetically modified or bioengineered. It is not made with gene-editing technology. Flourish flour is made from a special, non-GMO variety of wheat that is naturally much higher in fiber. Since that variety was first identified decades ago, we’ve gradually grown more of it to optimize fiber levels — making it possible for us to bring you a consistent, wholesome non-GMO flour.

What does “identity preserved” mean?

It’s truly seed to table. We track and document the movement of our seeds, grain, and flour to ensure that our flour is the best quality and traceable back to the farm it was grown on.

Where is the wheat used to make Flourish Flour grown?

The wheat used to make Flourish is grown exclusively in the United States by our select community of farmers who strictly adhere to the Flourish growing protocol. This results in a 100% traceable supply chain all the way back to the individual farm.

Is Flourish flour gluten free?

No, Flourish Flour is made from a non-GMO, fiber rich wheat kernel and is not suitable for those with a gluten allergy or sensitivity.

Is it Flourish or flour-ish

We’re glad you asked! We like to joke “there’s no "ish" in flourish.” It’s the real deal. Flourish flour is a clean label all-purpose flour.

Flourish (rhymes with, coincidentally, nourish!) means: to grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way, especially as the result of a particularly favorable environment. In the same way, we’ve created an environment for our seed to flourish, we want to deliver a flour that allows you and your family to flourish.

Will the high fiber content in Flourish give me digestive discomfort?

The fiber found in Flourish flour is a form of resistant starch, meaning that it resists the body’s normal digestive processes. Unlike other high-fiber foods, this type of fiber is tolerated well by most people and when used at typical flour levels will not cause digestive discomfort.

The best part is it’s a prebiotic, making it good for you and your gut. It allows you to get more fiber into your diet without making any sacrifices on taste or texture.

Is Flourish fiber only intended for older consumers?

No! One of the beautiful things about Flourish flour is that you’ll hardly notice it. We realize that’s a strange way to promote our product, but it’s true and it’s what makes this flour such a great product for the entire family. It’s never too early to provide any age the broad health benefits of a fiber-rich diet. And with Flourish, your children may never notice the difference from the white, refined flour they may prefer. And that’s a little secret you can keep between you and us.

What is high-amylose wheat?

High amylose wheat is the type of wheat found in Flourish. Typically, the starch found in wheat is made of two components, amylose and amylopectin. Most wheat starch is composed primarily of amylopectin, an easy digestible source of starch. However, Flourish wheat has a higher content of amylose, a resistant starch that helps to feed the good bacteria in your gut to help support a balanced digestive system, so it's better for you and your gut!