3 Delicious Mexican-Inspired Recipes Featuring Tasty 10-Minute, Lower Net Carb Tortillas

3 Delicious Mexican-Inspired Recipes Featuring Tasty 10-Minute, Lower Net Carb Tortillas

New year, new me… is so 2019. We’re not saying that setting New Year’s goals isn’t a worthy endeavor, it certainly is, but what if this year is the year you actually follow through with a resolution? Something along the lines of: eating a little healthier while using ingredients you already cook with. That’s it. You see, what we at Flourish Flour would love this new year is to see more moms and families empowered with simple tools to make mealtimes easier, healthier and even enjoyable, rather than just another chore to check off the never ending list of to-dos. One high-leverage activity that yields a massive “W” in the health column, without the burden of a comprehensive food and diet overhaul, is swapping out traditional all-purpose flour for a higher fiber, lower in net carb flour that cooks AND tastes the exact same, but with a boatload of added health benefits. Same recipes, better health. No trendy workouts. No added supplements whose name you can’t pronounce. If you’re up for that kind of resolution, the kind you can stick with past January 14th, then we’ve got a simple and satisfying first foray into unleashing the power of flour: 10-minute tortillas! Wherever you land on the “crunchy spectrum,” trust us when we say that taking the time to make and enjoy your own bread, including tortillas, really is quick, tasty and pairs so nicely with a few (hopefully!) new family favorites. Here are three delicious, lower net calorie recipes that all feature the famous Flourish 10-minute tortilla recipe.


Yummy. Filling. Creamy. Smothered in cheese. These crowd-pleasing chicken enchiladas feature the moist and tender flavors of rotisserie chicken and a cheesy, garlic-y sauce mixed with mild chiles and taco seasoning for just the right amount of heat for picky eaters. Assembled in two stages, the first is where you’ll stuff your 10-minute tortilla with the rotisserie chicken and cream cheese, rolled up into tiny little burritos and then packed into a greased baking dish. As you probably know, enchiladas are a fork and knife meal, not a pick-up-and-eat-by-hand meal. Next, you’ll prepare the creamy enchilada sauce which features flavorful chicken broth, shredded cheese and diced chiles mixed in with a bit of flour to thicken it up. Once the sauce is well-mixed and poured all over your enchilada wraps, sprinkle a handful of shredded cheese on top and then let the oven take care of the rest. Give it 25 minutes on the clock, squeeze in some cleaning time and round up the kiddos for the creamiest, chili-packed chicken enchiladas this side of the Rio Grande.

Say, “Hello” to Taco Tuesday in a bowl. Transform your 10-minute tortillas into crunchy, cozy enchilada cups, baked to perfection and perfect for housing Tex-Mex style chicken and black bean enchiladas with green chiles and corn. You’ll need a muffin tin to help shape your enchilada cups, so make sure you’ve got one on hand! Pro tip: when you’re shaping the cups in the tin, don’t let the top parts of the newly formed cups encroach on the opening, since that’s where you’ll add the filling later. While the tortilla cups are baking away in the oven, that’s when you’ll prep and combine the rest of the actual ingredients: the sauce, black beans, green chiles, cooked chicken and corn. Once the enchilada cups are done in the oven, you’ll take them out and fill up each cup with your mixture, top each with a healthy sprinkle of shredded cheese and give them about 15 minutes to warm through and allow for the cheese to melt and get all bubbly and yummy. Perfect for Taco Tuesdays, as well as every other day of the week!

With hints of lime zest and flecks of sea salt, the tortilla strips atop this hearty tortilla soup tie the savory, peppery and fire-roasted tomato flavors together in a way that’ll keep you coming back spoon after spoon. And! It’s slow cooker and Instant Pot-friendly, which feels like a cheat code sometimes when you’re having one of those days. The soup is bursting with flavors from the chicken, poblano peppers and smoky chiles in adobo, garlic and onions that all meld together during the cooking. The recipe is easy to follow and comes together quickly. The real star, however, is the salty lime chip strips that grace the top of the soup with a satisfying crunch and burst of citrus from the lime zest. Using around five of your 10-minute tortillas, sliced into thin strips and lightly fried in olive oil, these salty, crunchy, lime-y tortilla strips add an immediate wow factor to this flavor-filled and homey dish. Joined on top with other toppings such as avocado, fresh cilantro and shredded cheese, you may just want to make a double batch.

We hope the practicality of subbing out your traditional APF for a high-fiber flour can be something you can easily sustain this year. We know you’ve got a million balls in the air (on a good day), so by adding a boost of gut health to you and your family’s bellies without actually having to do anything extra, it’s our goal to free you up to be more present in the midst of the beautiful mess that is family. 

Cheers to more power in your flour and resolutions you can feel good about :)

Your Flourish Family