3 high fiber Thanksgiving recipes that WON'T leave you feeling sluggish!

3 high fiber Thanksgiving recipes that WON'T leave you feeling sluggish!

Welcome to November, the most food-centric month of the year. With the heavy burden of selecting the perfect dish to take home to the family comes a lot of heavy options to choose from. This season, we’d like to help set the table with three choices to make this season a little lighter, while still hanging onto all the flavors you know and love. 

We’re here to remind you that it is totally possible to produce homemade, festive dishes that don’t completely throw health goals out the window. You’ll find three hearty, tasty dishes to whip up and complement holiday mealtime: a savory appetizer, a side dish packed with greens, and a yummy low calorie dessert. Packed with extra fiber thanks to their Flourish Flour base and prepared with a whole lotta love, enjoy these three high fiber Thanksgiving recipes that won’t leave you feeling bogged down.

This easy sweet potato biscuit recipe provides the perfect balance of sweet and savory to boost the flavor profile of traditional holiday bread options with a rich, moist biscuit that’s ready to eat in just 30 minutes. In addition to the staple ingredients required for biscuits (flour, milk, baking powder, salt, and butter), the only other ingredient you’ll need for these is – you guessed it, a sweet potato! Once the sweet potato is chopped up, boiled until soft, strained, and mashed, it’s basically biscuit baking business as usual: combining dry ingredients and wet ingredients until everything’s ready for the oven. These puppies should start to adopt a beautiful golden color after about 12 minutes in the oven, which is when you’ll pull them out to cool just a bit before serving. Slathered with honey butter, these flaky, tender sweet potato biscuits are ready for the masses! Loaded with gut-healthy fiber from Flourish Flour and potassium from the sweet potato that can help support normal blood pressure, which may or may not be necessary during holiday family time, these biscuits pack a healthy punch. 😅 

Cheesy but not soupy, this flavorful spinach gratin is loaded with greens for a hearty side that some gratin lovers would gladly enjoy as a main! The key to avoiding an overly moist dish is to remove as much moisture as possible during prep. The aromatic sauce, which will fill your kitchen with homey smells of fresh garlic and nutmeg, is meant to bind, but not drown the cheese and spinach, so keep an eye on the measurements there. The recipe certainly doesn’t skimp on cheese, using a traditional parmesan cheese combined with the spinach, and a high quality Monterey Jack or Gruyere grated on top for the delicious browned crisp. Perhaps most importantly is removing liquid from the spinach. Whether you’re using frozen spinach or fresh spinach, we’d recommend a strainer and cheesecloth (if you’ve got some laying around) to help squeeze out every last drop of moisture from the greens. After about half an hour in the oven, the cheese should be golden, and the whole dish should look like a hot, bubbly delight, ready to be pulled out and cooled before serving. And if all goes well, cleanup should be a breeze with an empty pan picked clean!

This pumpkin spice latte cookie celebrates the flavor combination of pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg and clove, is topped with cream cheese frosting (loaded with more pumpkin pie spice flavors) and is dusted with cinnamon on top for a masterclass in flavor for this fall favorite. If you’ve ever said, “I’d like a PSL, but make it a cookie,” then you’re in luck, friend. Soft and cakey, these cookies are made with instant espresso powder to bring out the subtle coffee notes you’d expect from the beloved latte, so be mindful if you’ve got little one’s raiding the dessert table! Like Mirabel from Encanto said, “Coffee is for grown-ups.” The cream cheese frosting comes together quickly and adds a final cool, spice-y, espresso-infused finish to top these cookies off. If you’re baking ahead, these will last for about three days when refrigerated in an airtight container. With a fifth of the sugar, and a quarter of the calories of an actual PSL, these pumpkin spice latte cookies bring all the flavor without the unhealthy extras.

Old favorites, time-tested traditions, family fun, and sneaky high fiber twists - that’s what we’re after this Thanksgiving season and hope that whatever you’re baking in your neck of the woods will add to the memories with lighter, brighter, fiberful goodies! 

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Wishing you a warm Thanksgiving,

Your Flourish Fam