3 scary good Halloween treats no one can resist! 🎃

3 scary good Halloween treats no one can resist! 🎃

October might just be our favorite month. Between the crisp autumn air, the pale morning light and all the fall flavors, we’re in love. And then there’s the sugar. With at least one major class party in store this month, you can count on an excess of sugary, processed, packaged confections making their way inside your home and into the crazed bellies of your littles. So what’s a mom to do to navigate the minefield of candy and provide some semblance of a healthy alternative? Our best advice: if you can’t beat ‘em, bake ‘em (and add a dash of high fiber goodness from our sneaky little flour)! Our goal this Halloween is to make this season just a little bit healthier by offering up these three homemade, scary delicious party treats that all feature simple ingredients and way more fiber than a store-bought alternative. These high fiber Halloween treats are loaded with indulgent flavors that’ll have the whole class howling for more.

These moist and delicious chocolate sweet potato cupcakes are topped with a festive, pumpkin-themed cream cheese frosting for a high fiber treat sure to snag the prize for best dressed. Powered by sweet potato puree, not only are these cupcakes moist and flavorful, but it means they're loaded with added antioxidants and beta-carotene, which goes to support good vision and strengthen immune systems – something we can all benefit from as we head into respiratory season! In fact, the cupcake portion is completely vegan 🙌 Now, the cream cheese frosting, not so much, but the frosting is what sells the Halloween look and feel - though the same effect is possible with orange food dye and a vegan frosting of your choice! Unlike a traditional buttercream, this recipe is ​​pipe-able, can be dyed, and, most importantly, retains every bit of deliciousness that a cupcake requires. As the frosting is finishing its mixing cycle, you’ll add a few drops of orange food dye to the mixing bowl to achieve a festive pumpkin coloration. Once the cupcakes are all the way cooled, you’ll completely cover them with frosting and will be ready for the final step: drawing jack-o’-lantern faces with black food dye to bring these frightfully delicious (and high fiber) treats to life!

These cute, creative, easy mummy cookies will bring you face to face with things that go bump in the night – as they make their way to the kitchen for a delicious midnight snack! These circular cookies could not be easier to make, and the ghoulishly delighted effect they’ll have on trick-or-treaters and little eaters is immediate. To nail the mummy aesthetic, you’ll need an icing bag with a flat tip decorating nozzle to pull off the criss-crossed “burial rag” look, going back and forth past the candy eyeballs! And more than that, when prepared with Flourish high fiber flour, these mummy cookies are packed with 300% more fiber than if they were made with a regular APF. Requiring less than ten minutes in the oven, these cookies can be prepped, baked, cooled, and decorated in under an hour. Truly, these will be the cutest undead treats you’ll find this baking season!

Unnaturally delightful, the decadent combination of white chocolate fudge and pumpkin pie makes for an otherworldly tasty treat with a surprisingly simple list of ingredients. Beyond the white chocolate chips, sweetened condensed milk, and pumpkin puree, you’ve probably already got the majority of the ingredients already at home in the cupboard! The sweet, spiced, and vibrant pumpkin puree adds moisture to these brownies to retain the fudgy bite without getting too cake-y. Combine with the subtle nuttiness of the white chocolate and we’ve got ourselves a potent fall flavor combo capable of taking down all the taste buds this side of Valhalla. And visually, the pumpkin swirls, golden caramelized sugar, and white chocolate crumb add gorgeous depth to this Halloween relative of a blondie. Tack on a few minutes at the end for cooling, but these pumpkin pie white chocolate brownies come together in under an hour and travel extremely well. Just make sure that if you’re driving your kiddos to drop these off for the fall party, they know they have to save some for the rest of the class and not eat them all on the way!

While we’ll always have a soft spot in our hearts for classic Halloween candy, and will 100% be stealing the Reese’s from our kid’s haul after they go to bed, taking the time to bake up some delicious new treats can be a simple and fun way to try new flavor combos, while adding a ton of fiber, to celebrate the sweetness of the season. 

Happy Halloween!

Your Flourish Fam