A Sneaky Little Flour: Bake More.Feel Better.

A Sneaky Little Flour: Bake More.Feel Better.

“My, what a sneaky little flour. Those looking to add more fiber to their diet have a flour in their corner: Flourish, made with a high-fiber strain of wheat.”
The New York Times

Welcome to a new year! Let’s have a quick chat about resolutions. You can love them. You can hate them. You can make them every year and break them 3 days later. Wherever you fall on the “New year, new me” spectrum, we know this year requires a different kind of resolve. No one could have predicted that our 2020 visions would be tested as severely or thwarted as definitively, so after that kind of year, we’d like to propose a radical concept for families, bakers and loved ones as we begin 2021: treat yourself better. 

We don’t know who needs to hear this right now, but you’re doing a great job. You’re always going to hold yourself more accountable than anyone else for what gets done (and what doesn’t, let’s be honest) and you expect a lot from yourself. If you need someone to give you permission, hear us now: in the midst of all of the things: 👏🏼 give 👏🏼 yourself 👏🏼 a 👏🏼 break.

So, with that we’d like to suggest a simple little resolution with big payoffs. Eat more fiber. Not only does it support healthy digestion (and we all know what a doozy bad digestion is) and help reduce inflammation, but did you know up to 70% of your immune system is in your gut? If there was one superpower we could all agree on right now, it might just be an immunity cloak. 

So What’s The Deal With Fiber?

Dietary fiber is a plant-based nutrient that, unlike other carbs, is not broken down during digestion, which is a good thing. It passes through our digestive system relatively intact and on its journey, it does a lot of good work. The problem? Most Americans (a whopping 95% of us) only consume 50% of the recommended daily amount of fiber. That’s half of what we should be taking in. So, why’s that important? Well, the human body and the gut microbiome, particularly your small and large intestines, have an undeniable symbiotic relationship. They work best as a give-and-take team, with both sides contributing to overall health. In order to keep up this symbiotic relationship, we need to give our body foods that contain the right kinds of dietary fiber – the fiber that the healthy bacteria in our gut needs to flourish (😉). 

Just a few ways the good bacteria in your gut benefit from fiber-rich foods:

  1. Digest food easier
  2. Absorb more nutrients 
  3. Support a healthy immune system (could there be a more opportune time to jump on that?)

Bake More. Feel Better.

If you’re going to bake literally anything this year, imagine if the finished product contributed to the health of your family and didn’t involve a massive lifestyle change or fighting for buy-in from picky eaters. What if you expected more from your flour, consciously consumed and relied on better ingredients to actually deliver the health benefits you know are important to family wellness? 

Whether your 2021 plans include dieting or not, here’s a little truth about flour, the foundation of all our favorite recipes, when it’s produced the Flourish way: it’s extremely delicious and contains 5x the fiber than traditional all-purpose flour. 

Katie Harris, our Nutrition Scientist and #1 fiber fan, notes “Gut health is important but often overlooked when it comes to overall health. Research shows that resistant starch, the type of fiber found in Flourish Flour, helps maintain a healthy gut barrier and microbiome. When we consume foods that contain prebiotics, like those made from Flourish Flour, the bacteria in our microbiome are able to feed off of the prebiotics and generate beneficial compounds that communicate with our immune system. And in doing so, they help induce a healthy immune response to the stressors that surround us.”

More fiber. Better health. We’ve taken a foundational ingredient and found a way to make it taste great while delivering numerous health benefits. A sneaky little flour making fiber so much easier to enjoy

What can you do when it’s so cold that you can’t take the kids out for some fresh air, your state’s back under stay-at-home orders and your new Peloton is already covered in dirty clothes? How about some kitchen therapy and fluffy pancakes that pack a nourishing punch? 

Get Baking. Let The Ingredients Do The Hard Work. Easy Resolution, ✔️.

Our new Covid world has called, and demanded all of us manage and reflect on our personal and social well-being in ways that we did not, just 10 months ago. As mounting, important considerations pile up and evolve, we urge you to control what you can, like the foods you choose to eat and the stressors you actively avoid.

Maintenance of gut health is essential for the immune system and high-fiber foods support that. Having the right tools in your toolkit can make it so much easier to positively impact your family’s well-being while freeing you up to invest in quality time together, rest when you need to and create moments of joy that will see you through this year and beyond. So, just remember: Bake More. Feel Better.

Snag a bag of Flourish High-Fiber All-Purpose Flour today! 👩🏾‍🍳