Summer Produce: 3 Easy Recipes Featuring Delicious Seasonal Flavor

Summer Produce: 3 Easy Recipes Featuring Delicious Seasonal Flavor

‘Tis the season for early summer flavors! Farmers markets are brimming with fresh produce, vibrant fruits and tasty vegetables that achieve peak ripeness this time of year. I’ll have one of everything, please. Paired with fresh seasonal fruits and veggies, Flourish high fiber flour lends itself to making super scrumptious dishes, perfect for June BBQs, grad parties and hazy, lazy sunny afternoons. We’ve pulled together three simple recipes, loaded with gut-healthy probiotic ingredients and seasonal flavors for every occasion, no matter if you’re craving something savory, sweet, salty or something in between. Whether you’re headed out back to your own garden or down to the farmers market, enjoy the healthy tastes of fresh, seasonal produce!

Sweet, savory, crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside, these zucchini corn fritters work as a delicious side dish or appetizer in summertime. Zucchini, the humble superfood, is one of those veggies where, on its own, can be a little underwhelming, but you can sneak it into so many dishes to boost the veggie content and add a healthy dose of fiber and Vitamin C. Since fresh corn doesn’t quite peak until late summer in the U.S., it’s okay to use canned or frozen corn if you’ve got that on hand. To get the characteristic crunch and flake of a high quality fritter, the one thing you’re going to want to make sure you manage is the moisture content going into these fritters. Too much liquid (and there’s a surprising amount of liquid in a zucchini) can be detrimental to these getting crispy enough, so pay attention to that part of the recipe to avoid a soggy bottom. Once in the pan, these fritters only need about five minutes per side to fry up and fill your kitchen with their inviting, herbaceous, buttery aroma sure to bring hungry mouths running. Enjoy immediately!

A tart and juicy filling combines with a golden baked crust to make this blackberry cobbler the perfect sugary sweet summer dessert. And good news for all the time-strapped home bakers out there: this cobbler requires just five ingredients and comes together, ready to pop in the oven, in under ten minutes. The key, as you might guess, is in using the freshest batch of blackberries you can get your hands on. Juicy and plump, blackberries are typically sweeter than raspberries, soft like strawberries, and the darker the better, so keep that in mind as you scout out the fruit stand for the perfect little basket of berries to take and bake. There comes a point towards the end of the recipe where you’ll hit the nearly baked cobbler with a fresh sprinkle of sugar on top, and that’s so you get that delicious, caramelized crunch as you slice your way into the center of the cobbler. If your mouth is salivating right now - same. Once it’s out of the oven and cooled for just a few minutes, the last, and only sane thing to do is grab a heaping scoop of vanilla bean ice cream and take your blackberry cobbler a la mode somewhere to enjoy with a loved one.

The sweet and sour flecks of fresh cherries mixed with decadent dark chocolate combine to take these oatmeal cookies to a level of grounded, luscious delight. This time of year is ideal for fresh cherries by the pound, pits and all. Consider this your reminder to clue in any first time cherry eaters about the pits in the middle of the cherries to save yourself a crying incident or trip to the dentist! The satisfying sweetness of the cherry and the bitterness of the dark chocolate team up as the perfect replacement for the standard raisin that seems tethered to oatmeal cookie recipes everywhere. Not this recipe! If you’re shopping for the classic Bing cherry at the farmers market, you’re going to want to look for the ones that are a deep maroon for that ready-to-eat, tart-but-not-sour flavor that keeps you coming back cherry after cherry. When you add the cherries to the other mixed ingredients, make sure not to overmix the dough - that’ll lead to your cherry bits getting too smashed up, which is NOT the goal here! Once the edges are nice and golden brown, your dark chocolate cherry oatmeal cookies are ready to pull out of the oven and devour!

Wherever the summer sun finds you, we hope that family time and fellowship meets you there. From our kitchen to yours, may your baking be happy and your fiber intake be high!