Three Mathematically Perfect Pi(e) Recipes The Family Will Love

Three Mathematically Perfect Pi(e) Recipes The Family Will Love

The “New Normal” is not so new anymore. We’ve lived with pandemic life for an entire year now (!) and so much has changed. As teacher, playmate, home chef, tutor, security guard and occasional plumber, parents are wearing MANY hats these days. The shining silver lining? Our kids have learned life skills—to adjust mentally and emotionally to challenges—no other generation could’ve imagined. Take some comfort in that. This is no exaggeration!

We are honestly so proud of the stories we’ve heard from families that continue to look for the good in the midst of trying circumstances. One thread that we love seeing is all the families across the country that have started baking together. 

Around Flourish Flour HQ, March 14th stands out as a favorite day for 3.14 simple reasons: it’s Pi Day! You know, the ratio of the circumference of any circle to the diameter of that circle.   

For the families out there that aren’t so hot on the Common Core version of math, we’ve put together three recipes for delicious PIES that involve plenty of measuring, timing, mixing and other practical uses in honor of our favorite mathematical constant. To top it off, add Flourish Flour and those pies are better for you, with lower net carbs and high in fiber, so you can bake your pie and eat it too. Enjoy!

Apple & Cheddar Thin Crust Pizza

This apple and cheddar pizza pie is a delicious, savory, snack the kids will love, despite the fact that it’s loaded with some healthier ingredients than your classic pizza fare. Slicing up a sweet, mellow Golden Delicious apple into thin slices adds a fruit (that isn’t as divisive as the pineapple) to this perfect-for-a-light-lunch pizza. Coated in the deep, warm, spicy, yet sweet flavors of honey mustard, the apples will go directly on top of your thin crust. You’re free to use any cheddar you want, but when Cabot Cheddar exists, why keep looking? The other realllllly nice thing about this pie is that it relies on the quick, hot hot heat of the broiler so it is ready in a snap! So simple and satisfying, we bet the kids will be all over it, while you get to revel in the added health benefits of a sweet and savory apple and cheddar pizza!

Chocolate Pie

With a prep time of five minutes and a bake time of just under an hour, this is the perfect recipe for, “Let’s bake a yummy pie really quick, play a game, and come back in an hour to pull the pie out of the oven!” If you’re a chocolate lover in the same way that Goldilocks loves porridge (not too sweet, not too bitter, but juuuust right), then this easy chocolate pie recipe hits just right. Almost pudding-y in its consistency, the filling comes together really thin before you pour into your easy homemade pie crust. Once the chocolate pie is done in the oven, let it cool COMPLETELY before you slice into it. This is probably the hardest part of the whole process, but the creamy, chocolate decadence that awaits you is so worth it. 

Bacon Maple Walnut Pie

Yep, we said bacon. Case closed! This smoky, savory, salty walnut pie has got a rich crunch and a sweet finish thanks to the infused maple syrup and buttery flavors packed inside. Looking at the ingredients in this recipe will show you that you’ve probably got 95% of these ingredients already stashed in the pantry, but on a day like Pi Day, everything's turning up pie. Measuring is key for this yummy pie to come out just right, so we’d recommend a designated double-checker to make sure you don’t mix up your milk and vanilla extract levels 😬 Been there too many times, so this is just a friendly reminder to keep an eye out. Like the chocolate pie above, we’ve got an easy-peasy perfect pie crust recipe to make it full on homemade. For best results, stash this bacon maple walnut pie in the fridge overnight so the flavors continue to meld together and it cools through and through. 

No matter what life on the home front looks like these days, baking is here for you. Feed your souls in the kitchen with some quality time together and of course, always enjoy delicious homemade pies all year round. 

Thank you for inviting our flour into your home,

The Flourish Flour Family