4 Summer Recipes Perfect for Your Next Family Backyard Hangout

4 Summer Recipes Perfect for Your Next Family Backyard Hangout

Summer’s here! It is time to celebrate the little things we cherish. Picnics! BBQ’s! Family parties! 

Feeling a little rusty after a year of social distancing? Flex your old backyard-BBQ muscles with some delicious homemade dishes that’ll do the talking if you’re feeling like it’s still a little too people-y out there. 

We have three fresh, flavor-filled, picnic-ready recipes ideal for sneaking in some extra fiber so you can fill up with more nutrition and fewer net carbs. To top it off—homemade nice cream, with just two healthy ingredients, that doesn’t require Granddad’s hand-cranked ice cream machine. 

Panzanella Salad

This classic Italian dish, Panzanella, is jam-packed with the herbaceous flavors of vinaigrette, juicy red tomatoes and crusty bread. Don’t be fooled by the veggies—this is a bread-based salad (you read that correctly!) and we are 👏 all 👏 for 👏 it. The trick is to use a crusty bread, like our Dutch Oven Artisan Bread that’s NOT fresh, but rather had a day or two to harden up just a bit. The bread will keep a bit of crispiness while soaking up the incredible flavors from the tomatoes, vinegar, mustard, garlic, salt and pepper. All on its own, panzanella salad makes a delicious lunch. It is also a perfect compliment to any meat hot off the grill, and a glass of rosé for good measure. 😉

Homemade Pesto Pasta Salad with Spinach, Asparagus and Parmesan Cheese

Green. Rich. Creamy. Summer-y. This fresh pesto pasta salad has a serious range. You cannot go wrong with the foundational ingredients in this recipe. And for the daredevils out there, we triple dog dare you to make your own pasta the old-fashioned way. Make it a family affair! No pasta maker? No matter. If you cut and shape your pasta by hand, it tastes even better. We promise! Flour up the counter, pick your favorite pasta shape, and get to it. Your mixin’s will be waiting for you! 

From the crisp, yet tender asparagus to the basil-y pesto to the nutty parmesan, the flavors in this pasta salad are quintessential summer. Looking for some added oomph? Throw some chicken on the grill, and top off the pasta with some shredded strips. This salad is best served at room temperature; so once everything’s combined and smothered in pesto, all it needs is a spot on the picnic table alongside the rest of the goodies.

BBQ Bread with Herb Butter

This delicious bread recipe tastes best prepared on a grill and makes the perfect pairing to all the other fix’ns at the backyard BBQ. This bread leaves lots of room for success. With minimal ingredients and only one round of proving, the dough is ready for baking in under 45 minutes. The real gem, however, is the herb butter. Room temperature butter laced with fresh parsley, basil, chive, rosemary (or whatever you’ve got in the garden or grab at the local farmer’s market!), mixed with freshly chopped garlic and you’ll have yourself an absolutely irresistible spread to slather on top of your freshly grilled bread. If you’ve not had the pleasure of grilling bread over an open flame before, you’ll be a convert after a few blissful bites. 

Nice Cream with Enlightened Cone

Vibrant berry blue, creamy, subtly sweet and made with only two ingredients- we love this simple, homemade blueberry nice cream. The other ingredient, you ask? Frozen bananas! Blended into oblivion in a blender or food processor, that’s literally it. No dairy, no sweeteners and no hand-cranking the ice cream in a beloved family heirloom that’ll leave you begging for mercy as grandpa reminds you of all the character you’re building. Or is that just me 😬 Served up in an Enlightened sugar-free cone (powered by Flourish Flour, btw!) and you’re ready for the most summer-y of all treats, but with none of the extra stuff that can send little ones on a one-way trip into a sugar high and a tummy ache. Just a refreshing summer treat, lower in net carbs with no added sugar. 

We know it’s still a little weird out there and “normal” might be a bit of a blur. Through this beautiful season, we wish you all the fun and flavors of summer. We love that our high-fiber flour has been invited into your home to play a small part in your family’s story. Here’s to little special moments that taste just a bit brighter.

Enjoy the process, the goodies, and hellooooo summer! ☀️

With gratitude,

Your Flourish Family