Gift-Worthy Holiday Baking Treats Sturdy Enough To Ship

Gift-Worthy Holiday Baking Treats Sturdy Enough To Ship

“The best gifts are nice, made and thoughtful, but any two will be a good gift.”

When it comes to gift giving, filmmaker and philosopher Van Neistat says that the key to giving good gifts is to respect the “Gifting Holy Trinity.”  At Flourish, as we embrace this holiday season, we’ve taken that to heart and humbly submit that tasty, homemade baked goods, crafted in the kitchen and shared with love tick all three boxes: nice, made, and thoughtful. Whether you’ll be hitting the road with the whole fam for an interstate family shindig or will be keeping things low key on the homefront this year, we’ve got three delicious holiday treats that taste amazing, look as festive as Mrs. Claus’ cookie rack, and are sturdy enough to ship to the far reaches of the globe, wherever your loved ones are this year. Filled with traditional seasonal favorite ingredients, these baked goods also contain the gift of Flourish flour, which adds 5x the fiber than traditional APF while sacrificing none of the yumminess that you and your family love. 

Happy holidays and enjoy giving the gift of nice, made and thoughtful baked goods this year (and every year!).

This holiday M&M cookie mixture is a jolly delight with layer after layer of all the dry ingredients needed for giving the sweet gift of cookies, packaged in a decorative Mason jar and ready to bake. All the other person will need to do is add the wet ingredients and bake! With just seven ingredients, plus the Mason jars, all you’ve gotta do is measure out all the dry ingredients and carefully add them layer by layer into the jars. Invite the kiddos in on the assembly process by creating pour stations for your helpful (hopefully!) little elves to get in on the action. Keep an eye out for holiday M&M’s next time you’re out shopping so you’ve got some on hand for assembly. Having the right toolkit for the job is crucial to any endeavor, so gifting this Mason jar kit filled with a delicious DIY holiday cookie mix is only one step away from, “Thank you, I LOVED the cookies!”

Crispy, crumbly, crunchy, sweet. This simple biscotti recipe delivers the classic biscotti crunch with an added blast of peppermint and a sweet chocolatey finish since the ends are dipped in melted chocolate and rolled in crushed peppermint candy. The crunch comes from the twice-baked nature of the biscuits. If you’ve never made biscotti, removing them from the oven halfway through, letting them cool, slicing them in half and returning them to the oven to bake for a second time feels like a real pro move, but really -- it’s super easy. That’s one thing we love about this peppermint biscotti recipe: they have a sophisticated yet super snackable vibe to them that makes them seem fancier than they actually are. In the end, they’re just a crunchy, chocolate-coated snack, packed with fiber, that tastes best when served alongside a piping hot cup of cocoa and cheers’d with your people. The recipe yields about three dozen of these, so plan accordingly :)

It’s a brownie! It’s a chocolate chip cookie! It’s a moist, chewy, chocolatey, utterly decadent chocolate chip cookie brownie! Two classic desserts in one delicious treat; a diplomatic way to please people on both sides of the which-is-the-better-dessert divide. If it seems like the ingredients in this recipe are twice the normal amount, you’re absolutely right. There’s no way around the fact that this is literally two desserts baked on top of one another in a seasonally appropriate display of extra-ness. And we are here for it! To make it “worth the calories,” as our very good friend and master baker, Prue Lieth, would say, try subbing out the all-purpose flour in the recipe for Flourish high-fiber flour, which is lower in net carbs than your typical flour. None of the flavors (in either of the two desserts) will suffer, and with a sneaky little flour, this naughty dessert just made the nice list. 

As you head home for the holidays, wherever that is, we hope that the recipes and inspirations here on the Flourish blog can be your home for show stopping desserts with a high-fiber twist. Share these desserts with your friends and feel free to steal the recipes as your own, what we care about is sharing and caring for healthy families that love doing the same!

From our high-fiber family to yours,

Happy Holidays from Flourish