Gut-Healthy Takes on Classic Family Favorite Easter Recipes

Gut-Healthy Takes on Classic Family Favorite Easter Recipes

Spring time! The cold is fading and life bursts forth a little more each day, ushering in this light, vibrant season of hope. Spring has sprung in our beautiful gardens and backyards, and that means it’s time to change things up in the kitchen with lighter, brighter and better-for-you, family-friendly dishes! The recipes we’ve gathered below span from yummy treats to satisfying sides to take to Easter dinner, but this year’s batch has a sneaky secret: they’re loaded with high fiber ingredients that preserve all the flavor of your favorite recipes but with fewer calories, and feed your gut microbiome in a way that will actually significantly regulate your health. So as you prep the kids for the shockingly cutthroat neighborhood egg hunt and sign up for what you’re bringing to dinner on the family group chat, enjoy these dishes that’ll satisfy all your cravings with fiber-rich foods that won’t weigh you down.

With joyful enthusiasm, happy spring!

These sweet and salty Easter basket cookies combine all the best tastes and textures found in a classic Easter basket, and each recipe will be 100% unique - never the same twice! The beauty and versatility of this recipe comes from the sweet and crunchy bits, all made from Easter basket leftovers! Half-eaten chocolate bunny? Crunch it up into chocolate chunks! Unopened bag of mini pretzels? Crush them into bite-sized morsels! Whatever you’ve got on hand, they’ll work perfectly for folding into these delicious sugar cookies, or pressing into the tops of them for a decorative touch. Made with high fiber Flourish flour, these cookies only need about 10 minutes in the oven before they’ll be ready to cool and serve, giving new life to the passed over confections.

The crisp-on-the-outside crust paired with the tender, rich, creamy inside make this buttery scalloped potato recipe one to keep on the “save forever” list. Not to be confused with potatoes au gratin, scalloped potatoes are made without cheese, saving you calories without sacrificing any of the flavor in this tasty classic. Speaking of flavor, pro tip from our kitchen to yours: salt the layers as you go when you’re stacking the layers of potatoes in your baking dish. The recipe calls for salt in the easy, creamy white sauce, but adding a bit more in each layer goes a long way to making this dish one that won’t soon be forgotten. This dish takes just over an hour in the oven to hit that perfect, golden brown, bubbly stasis, so plan accordingly!

Enjoy the soft, slightly sweet taste of fresh baked, traditional Easter bread at your celebration for a high fiber addition to any meal. Sweet, but not too sweet, this homemade bread is an impressive, yet doable, bread to bake at home in the family kitchen. Like many breads, there’s quite a bit of time needed for the bread to fully rise and prove, so do plan your time accordingly. Light and airy, this classic Easter bread is a brioche worth celebrating. Buttery and subtly sweet, this bread starts with a high quality flour

This silly, tasty kid-fave dessert is truly as fun to make as it is to eat, especially with the kiddos on hand to revel in eating “worms and dirt!” Traditionally made with just three ingredients – gummy worms, Oreo cookies, and chocolate pudding – we’re elevating this dessert by just one notch by substituting Oreos for Chef Dorie Greenspan’s new school take on the classic world peace cookie! This gut-healthy take on the chewy, chocolate French shortbread cookie flecked with sea salt makes this dessert juuuust a little bit healthier than if we used Oreos, and sometimes all you need in life is to make each choice juuuust a little bit better than the last. So bake ‘em up, crush ‘em up and fill the chocolate earth cups with friendly gummy worms and enjoy the squeals of silly laughter as these fun, playful desserts come to life 😊

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