Backyard BBQ Sides: 3 Tasty Recipes to Try

Backyard BBQ Sides: 3 Tasty Recipes to Try

Time to fire up the grill, mow the backyard, and call the family because it’s official: BBQ season has arrived! The air is warm and spring flowers have triumphantly burst their way through the soil to usher us into the start of summertime fun. For this roundup of delicious treats, we’re leaning into sides and desserts that’ll steal attention on even the most crowded food tables. Not only do these recipes make use of seasonal produce that simply taste better at a BBQ, they pack a high fiber kick, too. With Flourish high fiber all purpose flour, there’s no need to sacrifice flavor for nutrition. Just like a plate heaped high with “a little bit of everything,” you can have it all with a healthier APF that supports your gut health with every bite. These three BBQ dishes are made for sharing, taste better when enjoyed amongst loved ones and provide a simple way to sneak a little bit of fiber into your spring and summer get-togethers.


Sweet, not too filling, fresh and zesty, this homemade blueberry peach pie pairs the light and juiciness of the fruit with the satisfying gravity of fresh lemon zest, nutmeg, and cinnamon. As with anything peach-related, you’re going to want to make sure you’re using ripe peaches, the kind that gives just a little bit when you squeeze it. And take it from us: peel them! It’s a seemingly innocuous part of the process, but peeling your peaches will give you the best flavors and cookability when it comes down to it. For the crust, once it’s all blended and crumbly, you will need to let it rest in the refrigerator for at least two hours, so plan your timing accordingly! Because this is such a juicy, fruity pie, leaving this time for the dough to harden up is crucial so you avoid the dreaded *soggy bottom* that plagues so many bakers on our favorite baking shows. Once everything is all baked and bubbly in the oven for an hour, or until the crust is golden brown and not burned (!), that’s when it’s time to pull it out of the oven and let it cool. Once cooled and transported to your BBQ destination, make sure there’s a healthy scoop of fresh vanilla bean ice cream nearby to dollop on top to complete this little slice of blueberry peach heaven.

Moist, dense, and packed with strawberries in every bite, these strawberry lemon blondies are topped with a gorgeous pink glaze that adds a tangy citrus zing to balance their sweetness. Especially for early in the spring, before peak strawberry season hits, using strawberries to bake with is a good choice since the baking process will ripen up the berries even if they’re not quite ready to go all by themselves. The texture of these blondies will come out more fudge-y than cake-y if they are not overbaked. Watch your timing to ensure the dense, rich butter-y finish comes through, lest your blondies dry out and turn to crumbs when touched. To get the glaze right, you’ll puree a few additional strawberries, lemon juice and sugar together to pour over the cooled blondies once they’re done in the oven. A taste test is a must at this point, so recruit your favorite taste tester to ensure the icing is not too thin, not too thick, and that the punch of lemon flavor comes through! With no additional flavoring or coloring required, these naturally sweet, tasty blondies adorned with beautiful pink glaze are sure to attract the attention of every guest, so make sure you’ve got the recipe handy to share!

Buttery, crunchy on the edges, and easy to prepare with pantry staples, these cornbread biscuits are yummy on their own and provide a tasty addition to any BBQ mainstay. As any cornbread lover knows, it’s the butter that brings the sweetness and taste to a good cornbread, and even in biscuit form, the same holds true for this recipe. Take the time to ensure you’re using polenta-style yellow cornmeal and buttermilk, as the recipe instructs, to take these cornbread biscuits to showstopper level. With a tender crumb and crunch of cornmeal, these 8-ingredient cornbread biscuits are perfectly moist with a lovely golden color, best served warm with a touch of honey butter on top. 

Whether it’s celebrating a spring birthday, Memorial Day, or completion of another memorable school year, getting the chance to spend time in-person with one another is something to be cherished. We know how trying it’s been to celebrate from afar for these past few years, so as you safely and intentionally head back into the world, we hope baking and enjoying delicious high fiber baked goods can help ease the transition into this next chapter in your life. 

Feel all the warm weather wishes from our Flourish family to yours!