From Sweet to Savory, Four Irresistible Recipes To Treat the Moms in Your Life

From Sweet to Savory, Four Irresistible Recipes To Treat the Moms in Your Life

Life is returning. With each day, more sun, blossoms pop, and we get back to moments of normalcy and joy. As we greet and hug people we’ve missed over the past year, it’s only natural to reflect on those who kept us going, and even made us laugh along the way. 

We have four delicious recipes to satisfy every taste bud — sweet, savory, tart, herby, decadent and just plain old favorites, so you can treat the Moms in your life to a homemade spread and make them smile! Want even bigger smiles? Make it with Flourish high-fiber flour and it’ll come with a side of prebiotic fiber AND lower net carbs. 

EnJOY the process and thank you, Moms in all literal and figurative forms 🙏🏼 And Mom, if you need to drop some hints, give this a share on Facebook 😉.

Cranberry Muffins

These soft-and-crunchy-in-all-the-right-places cranberry muffins provide a punch of flavor with the zesty zing of fresh cranberries. Typically a winter holiday staple, these cranberries spring forward with the touch of citrus brought out by the orange juice concentrate. With a blend of wet and dry ingredients, there’s lots of mini measuring tasks for the small bakers. While the muffins are baking, time to make the cranberry butter! Unlike the muffins themselves, we recommend using dried cranberries for this delightful butter to dollop on the muffin top. A hit morning, noon and late night!

Everything Bagels with Lox

Ah, bagels. Cream cheese. And lox and capers. The classic staple of Saturday morning trips to the neighborhood deli. You can almost smell the fresh baked bagels... But for some real talk: have you ever tried to make this savory, salty and everything-y breakfast yourself? This is your moment. Now, you could wake up at 2:00 A.M. like the pros to get started in the kitchen, or you can just let the fam know it’s going to be a late brunch. Give yourself plenty of time to mix your dough, let it rise (about two hours), boil and bake. Don’t be shy with the seasoning so that all that classic everything flavor can break through the cream cheese, lox and capers. Throw in a mimosa and call it a brunch.

Waffles topped with Berries

Whipping up a batch of fresh, fluffy, buttery homemade waffles from scratch just hits a spot. And Mother’s Day is *the* time to do it up right. There’s lots of stirring involved when combining all the ingredients, so pull up a stool and put the little ones to task with a morning kitchen workout (and the inevitable splattering). Lean into the mess! It’s half the fun 😉. Not only are these waffles deliciously golden and crispy on the outside, light and fluffy on the inside, but topped with fresh berries, local maple syrup and a dusting of powdered sugar, they’re a piece of art fitting for the best among us. 

Tomato, Basil and Mozzarella Quiche with Homemade Dough

This flaky, crusty, tomato popping quiche is straight up comfort food. If Mom isn’t much for sweets, but loves a good, hearty breakfast that delivers wonderful, mellow flavors layer after layer, then this tomato, basil and mozzarella quiche recipe will hit the spot. Could there be a better combo? Be sure to grab fresh basil leaves, because the dried version of basil is just not going to cut it! Bonus points for making your own dough to kickstart this homey breakfast meal, baked with love for the Mom who’s been there for every up and down of the last year. Double bonus points if you make a double batch because everyone loves a fresh quiche today and frozen quiche next week.

And for all the health kicking mommas out there, dig in, fill up, ditch the guilt. No more brunch of empty calories — with Flourish Flour that muffin mix, bagel dough, waffle batter and pie crust is packed with 5x the fiber and fewer net carbs. Tastes great, and does a body good.  

One day a year, especially this year, is a far cry from the mountains of praise and credit and adoration and straight up gushing love that moms and dad-moms and caretakers deserve. To you who nurture us, day after day, thank you. You make our world go ‘round. 

As you venture back out into the world at a pace that makes sense for your family, we hope you’re filled with a wonder and appreciation for what is. And when you make it back home, you’ll always have baking to refuel, reset and refresh. 

Thank YOU!

From our Flourish Flour Family to Yours