Keto-friendly Sweet & Savory Inspiration

Keto-friendly Sweet & Savory Inspiration

Keto-friendly Sweet & Savory Inspiration: 4 Low Carb Recipes for Summer (Even if You're Not on Keto)

There's so much to be said for the summer baking season, especially the summer of 2021. Picnics and parties, reacquainting with old friends, and long awaited family gatherings—hugs included! The frosting on the cake of these joyful reunions is the delicious treats we’ll share. 

If you, like many, are tempted to make some dietary changes after enduring a COVID- filled year, consider this: the flexibility and utility of an all-purpose flour that tastes great, bakes like normal flour AND is lower in net carbs than your traditional APF. This should be the next trick up your sleeve! Swapping in Flourish Flour is the easiest healthiest lifestyle change you can make, and is especially sweet for those looking for keto-friendly options. 

Net carbohydrates are what your body has left after subtracting the grams of fiber per serving from the total carbohydrate amount per serving. The keto diet is based on this system, and it allows you to gauge whether you’re taking in enough fiber and eating the right kinds of carbs. So a high-fiber flour like Flourish (which contains 5x the fiber than traditional APF!) really notches down the net carbs for many of the yummy snacks we all crave. 

Whether you’re a keto lover, are simply keto curious and looking to reduce your carb intake, or just want to be mindful of your food choices, check out these delicious summer flavors, refreshing treats and shareable snack recipes, powered by high-fiber Flourish Flour and made the low carb way! Enjoy, friends! 

Edible. Irresistible. Ten minutes of prep time. And only 1.5g net carbs. These chocolate chip cookie dough bites check all the boxes for a delicious keto-friendly cookie dough that comes together quickly (without the risk posed by eating regular raw dough!). After firming up in the fridge, these high protein, low net carb cookie dough bites are good to go. We recommend serving these atop your favorite ice cream or frozen yogurt! We’re truly living in the golden age of ice cream—no matter your dietary requirements, there’s a brand slinging out scoops that’ll allow you to enjoy alllllll the flavors your heart desires with ingredients you can feel good about.

Buttery. Chocolatey. Flakey. Portable. Mini. Nothing will elevate your mid-morning snack game like a keto-friendly, homemade mini chocolate croissant that only packs in 2.8g net carbs. From dolloping out the chocolate hazelnut spread to rolling out thin layers of dough, there’s plenty of important jobs for smaller helpers to help prepare these delicious croissants. The mild, melted mozzarella adds a creaminess to the dough that, combined with the melty chocolate and brushed butter, is so light and refreshing— perfect for a warm summer morning family brunch. For those that are looking for a savory option, try goat cheese and caramelized onions!

These soft, delicious four-cheese keto-friendly breadsticks are freshly baked with premium mozzarella, provolone, parmesan, and asiago for a yummy low carb appetizer or side to take along to a homey summer picnic. Super simple to make. Most of the cheese in this recipe is actually kneaded into the dough itself (aaamazing!), with the remainder sprinkled on top for that golden, gooey, puffy cheesy finish that any self-respecting breadstick fan will love. Sliced immediately after baking, these keto breadsticks are best enjoyed ASAP, but also travel really well and are a perfect complement to a backyard picnic!

This sweet-smelling cookie crust is topped with a pleasing blackberry filling and crunchy roasted almonds for a fruity, nutty dessert bar that’s up for an outing. The eggless crust is thin, subtle in flavor, crispy and baked to a golden finish. With fresh blackberries in full bloom this time of year, we’d recommend scouting out fresh, not frozen, berries for the filling. With each bar delivering just 4g net carbs, over 6g of protein and only 5 mins. of prep time, these keto-friendly blackberry pie bars are the perfect treat for a Saturday adventure, or as a batch of snack bars fit to last the whole week (in a Ziploc or airtight container, these’ll last about a week).

From scrumptious cookie dough bites, to chocolately croissants, cheesy breadsticks and decadent blackberry pie bars, we hope these delicious AND nutritious summer snacks hit the spot at family gatherings, dinners with friends and relaxing nights in. We love providing a versatile, foundational kitchen ingredient in the form of our 5x fiber, lower net carb flour, fit for the lifestyles and health-conscious food decisions of our customers. Thanks for making Flourish a part of your pantry.👩🏼‍🍳

Enjoy the fresh taste of old freedoms rediscovered this summer!

With the joy of reunion,